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The Edge Poker Software - Online Poker Software for Tracking Statistics


Download the Free Demo Program now.

There is also a free Excel Spreadsheet you can download to quickly calculate Pot Odds on the Lessons and Strategy Page - Click Here To Check It Out!


I read all of the online poker advice. I played thousands of Hold'Em hands. I looked at all of the Online Poker strategy sites. I downloaded all of the poker statistics software. Still, I never could quite get to the point where I could consistently beat the online HoldEm competition. I am always looking for The Edge. I asked myself, "How can I track opponent stats and give myself a statistical advantage over the other poker players? What poker information could I have to help me win more pots?

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These questions gave me the idea to develop a program to track preflop poker stats and betting tendencies of my HoldEm opponents. I now have a poker statistics database consisting of the names of thousands of online money poker players. The poker program gives me the ability to easily add new poker players, track their HoldEm preflop stats, save my opponents poker statistics by name, and recall these poker stats the next time I sit down with them. There is a good chance when you sit down at a Hold'Em poker online table with me, I already know what starting combinations you will play and perhaps even how you bet.


The results? I win an additional .5 times per hour and I lose 1.1 pots per hour less than in my pre-Edge days. The statistical advantage I now have in poker (check also the German version: daspoker) tournament play is tremendous. I consistently make it further than ever before. Maybe most importantly, I can spot a sucker from a mile away.


Poker Screen Capture

Click The Picture To See A Full Sized, Detailed Image


I am now making this poker software available to everyone else as well. It costs less than a good pot at a $1/$2 HoldEm table, but it should easily pay for itself almost immediately with the poker stat infomation it captures. Click the links to find out more. Check out the documentation available to really see the details of how it works.


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